By being a trusted thought partner we support executives, business owners, and heads of organizations as they evaluate today's accomplishments with the next, best steps. 

We assist clients as they develop strategies and action plans that will lead to success.  

Areas of Expertise

  • Defining personal career in the context of professional success. You are achieving and making progress in your career or profession but you see a need to create a well-constructed strategy for what’s next. Let us assist you in creating a clear strategy that will propel you to where you want to be.
  • Moving forward - getting “un-stuck”. You have landed that next level job or promotion but somehow you are not finding the flow you know it takes to be successful in either your own eyes or that of your new boss. We can assist you with creating strategies so you keep the edge that got you here.
  • Serving as a confidante for high performers who feel misunderstood. You have become successful and achieved impressive professional goals in your career, but now that success has limited the people you feel you can confide in. You need someone to be vulnerable with that is more interested in your goals and success. We may be who you are looking for.
  • Navigating a viral media event (positive or negative). Social media is still charting new ground with influence over careers and livelihoods. We have been there. We can assist you in creating a strategy to move forward.
  • Exit strategies for career ladder progression. Do you need a strategy to move on from where you are and still maintain the credibility and respect that you worked hard to earn? We can assist with creating an exit strategy that will maximize both your past and future. 

Cultural Development in Higher Education

Higher Education is unlike other fields of work since colleges and universities really do not have close analogs in government, business, or industry. Theoretically, institutional planning will be centered on service delivery rather than revenue generation; organizational success will be defined by how well a diverse variety of stakeholders is accommodated; and business practices will be grounded in service to an educational ideal as opposed to commercial efficiency.  

Collectively, this should create a workforce driven by mission, hiring and promotion driven by programmatic excellence, and organizational culture driven by commitment to educational attainment.  Unfortunately, theory and practice do not always coincide, which might leave individual departments in organizational purgatory without an institutional culture to frame and undergird success.

If your institution or department is unaligned with your organizational mission, or if that mission is ambiguous or ill-defined, your workforce will likely not be as productive or motivated as it should, requiring more attention and resources to simply deliver average results.

We may be able to help.

Developing institutional or departmental culture does not happen without time, planning and thoughtful attention to detail.  By identifying your organization’s mission (or what it ought to be), how your area is connected to and supports that mission, and what your workforce perceives as its essential contributions to the mission, you can begin to create and reinforce a culture that informs and inspires your team’s efforts.

We offer: Institutional mission review, Organizational/departmental cultural assessment, Mission realignment, Cultural promotion and development, and related services. 

Structural Revisioning

Most successful organizations, or organizational units or departments, are initially established to address a narrowly defined mission or purpose.  Organizational growth, on the other hand, is commonly driven by responses to environmental factors, such as resource scarcity and competition, or unduly influenced by the proclivities of an organization’s upper echelon.  Unfortunately, these growth factors are often not strategically connected to mission achievement or goal attainment, so you’re not able to direct resources as efficiently as you might if mission and growth were more closely aligned.

Like a car with an inattentive driver, organizations or departments will naturally veer off-course without periodic corrections, and will stray further and further from the original course as more time passes.  And like a driver on unfamiliar roads, organizational or departmental progress will be haphazard and often require backtracking when wrong turns are made.  As growth and mission diverge, staff coherence and motivation lessen, greater resources are required to achieve objectives, and frustration mounts for both internal and external stakeholders.

We may be able to help. 

By reexamining the original impetus for organizational/departmental creation and identifying growth factors (both intentional and unintentional), you can craft a strategy that recognizes core mission priorities and begins to shape future growth channels so they complement and undergird goal attainment.  This realignment will help you strengthen planning, fine-tune resource allocation, increase staff motivation and maximize goal outcomes.

We offer: Structural assessments, Core mission identification, Realignment of mission and structure, Resource alignment, and related services. 

Talent Management

Talent management is the science of using strategic human resource planning to improve value and to make it possible for your organizations to reach its goals. Everything done to recruit, retain, develop, reward and make people perform forms a part of talent management as well as strategic workforce planning.

Are you struggling to retain or develop high performers in your organization? Is recruiting high performers and skilled experts into your organization a priority for you? We may be able to help.

Keeping talented staff requires knowing their needs well, knowing their aspirations and knowing their opportunities and then matching that knowledge with action. Talented staff need to be continually re-recruited. 

We offer: executive and leadership coaching, team building, talent assessment, talent management, talent mentorship, succession planning, key position recruiting. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a comprehensive and systematic management tool designed to help you assess the current environment, anticipate and respond appropriately to changes in the environment, envision the future, increase effectiveness, develop commitment to the organizations mission and achieve consensus on strategies and objectives for achieving that mission. 

Strategic planning is about influencing the future rather than simply preparing or adapting to it. The focus is on aligning your resources to bridge the gap between present conditions and the vision you have for your future.

Do you need to create a strategic plan? 

Do you need to evaluate your current strategic plan for effectiveness? 

We may be able to help.

We have extensive experience in developing, implementing and assessing strategic plans. A periodic evaluation of the strategic pan can help you re-align your resources and get back on track with your vision for the future.

We offer: strategic plan facilitation, strategic plan development, strategic plan review, strategic plan implementation. 

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